The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere Sneak Peek


New York Comic Con attendees got a first look on Saturday at a new preview of The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, and the intense clip may just change a few theories on all the damage new baddie Negan unleashes on Rick Grimes and his group.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

The video begins immediately after the brutal, and oh-so-gory, murder by Negan of a member of Rick’s group. We know, because when Negan shoves the bat in Rick’s face, it’s still dropping with the blood of… someone.

“I’m gonna kill you,” a devastated Rick calmly promises Negan. “Not today, not tomorrow… but I’m gonna kill you.”

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Never have I been anticipating AND dreading a season premiere so much. Can we just hurry up and get the first episode over with? That way the last of my emotions can be abolished and I can finally be dead inside.

Glenn and Abraham are going to die. Everyone already knows that. Abraham dies first. Negan then decides to let that be the practice round and does the real thing either doing his game or just picking someone immediately. He looks at Maggie, and then Glenn starts freaking and crying. Then Negan looks at Glenn and then back to Maggie, then Glenn. It’ll then flash on Maggie and Glenn quickly and then Negan will just go over to Glenn and just do what he did to Abraham.

Starting to feel like “Who Cares”. This is turning out to be more long-winded than Days Of Our Lives. I used to like The Walking Dead for it’s unexpected no nonsense story and straight to the point story lines. But now the writers are trying to drag it out (like a soap opera) it’s just making me lose interest in the whole story concept.